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I am a filmmaker. I love music.

My biggest fear is having

nothing left to read.

I have been producing films for

almost 15 years. These include

short films, commercials, and theater and

music recordings.

I have won several national and international film

awards with my films.

More info can be found on my film website

www.selonfischer.de (it's in German, though).

<-You can find a recent short film (04 min.) here.

I play electric guitar (good),

guitar (okay), bass guitar (rudimentary),

and cello (unworldly).

From time to time I play in bands and perform,

but at the moment I play mostly for my daughter.

I like to listen to (melodic death) metal

or classical music.

Dr. Maximilian Krug Interpersonal Communication Research
In my current research, I investigate conflict in interpersonal communication . I explore disagreements and disalignments in multimodal face-to-face interaction and examine incivility and reactance in online communication . Furthermore, I engage in science communication and ask myself how scientific findings can be presented to the public in a meaningful way.
Find me and my research on:
Overcoming Blanking: Verbal and Visual Features of Prompting in Theatre Rehearsals In: Human Studies, 2023 https://doi.org/10.1007/s10746-023-09670-w In theatre rehearsals, actors can occasionally be seen getting stuck in the play text, which is called blanking. To overcome such textual difculties and continue with the given text, a prompter can verbalize the line in question, thus contributing to an actor’s word search by prompting. The paper focuses on interactional practices by which prompters and actors interactionally resolve blanking situations. This study’s data comprises a case collection of 67 prompting situations, which are taken from a 200-h video corpus of a rehearsal process at a professional theatre. These cases demonstrate how theatre professionals organize prompting situations and how they negotiate/sanction prompting actions such as when there was no blanking but a dramatic pause or when the dramatic performance is interrupted due to a missing prompt. In addition to the audiovisual recordings, eye tracking data of the person prompting is also used to describe the coordination of the visual resources in the context of multimodal interaction analysis. The analysis suggests that prompting and blanking persons interactively resolve blankings with the help of verbal and visual markers.